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I offer services to help the body rebalance and restore itself to its normal vitality. Please note I did not say "heal" because there are many ways that "healing" takes place. The fees for each service vary - and are not fixed. I feel it is not right to have a person not have access to any method of returning to its vitality simply beause of financial limitations! Please contact me for information or to schedule a session!

Each session lasts about an hour. The client can be seated or laying down. This is a non invasive method of energy work, and the client remains fully clothed throughout the session. The client may experience light touch, but sometimes an entire session can take place where my hands remain 2-3 inches above the person. Sometime a light blanket may be placed over the client for comfort. I do not "control" or "direct" the flow of energy, but am simply a conduit for the Universal Life Energy to flow from me to the client. I can not guarantee any specific results, but I have seen great "shifts" take place in the physical, emotional and spiritual health of the client during the course of a session. I offer this service as either an "outcall" service, where I come to your location; or at several locations in the Tulsa area. Distance work - where the client is not present for the session are also available.

This is also sometimes known as "tapping." Each "round" lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. A session can consist of anywhere from 1 to 4 rounds. The client is usually seated and a series of "taps" at specific points on the face, lower neck, hands and arms; as well as other actions on the part of the client help the body to "reprogram" itself to cope with a variety of challenges. These challenges can cover a wide variety of emotional issues as well as some ongoing physical discomforts. Some time is spent at the beginning of each session to get a clear idea of what it is that is to be addressed. I offer this service as either an "outcall" service, where I come to your location; or at several locations in the Tulsa area.

Guided Meditations
In some cases people have trouble with the concept of just "sitting" in meditation. In these cases, a guided meditation, where the facilator guides the meditator through a series of images, to help them attain a sense of well being. This is not hypnosis, but simply a "guided tour" of a landscape, or a location, to help the client visualize a "safe place" where they can experience a feeling of calm. This "place" can be returned to by the client at any time they need, to regain that sense of calm. This can be done in person or over the phone.

Modern Personal Shamanic Services
This generally falls into one of two large categories. The first is a "energetic clearing" of a person, room or entire property. This is done through the use of sage, sweetgrass, and cedar smoke. Sometimes a drum or other source of noise is used. This is most commonly done when the client feels a "presence" that leaves them feeling uncomfortable, or where problems have arisen that have no logical explanation.

The other category is through "journey work" where the practioner does a "Shamanic Journey" to help the client find answers to challenges or to give them an insight into what they need to do themselves or have done for them.  Most commonly this is done "on site" with the client, but journey work can also be done as distance work.

Ministerial Services
As an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, I available to perform weddings, handfastings, and other mineristerial services as needed.
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