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I offer classes to individuals as well as small groups on Reiki, Meditation and Personal Modern Shamanism. Please contact me for information on when classes are being held or to schedule a class, as well as the cost for each class. A brief description of each follows:

Insight (Mindful) Meditation
There are many forms of Meditation. The method I teach is called Insight or sometimes Mindful Meditation. In this method the practioner learns to calm the mind and gains a sense of "control" over the "monkey mind" that jumps from thing to thing. No special equipment is required to practice this form of meditation. One simply learns to use the breath as a focus of meditation, being fully present in the moment, and not letting yourself get distracted. This class is best taugh in 6 sessions, each session lasting about 2 hours. It is best if there is a week between classes so the student can "practice" what was covered in the prior session and each session builds on the experience gained in the prior sessions.

This is a gentle form of energy work that can help the body to rebalance and restore itself from physical, emotional and spiritual trauma. There are many "methods" or "schools" of Reiki, with the most common being Ryoho Reiki - which is the one most people are familiar with.

I am a Master/Teacher in Ryoho Reiki and offer classes from Level 1 through Master level. The duration of each class varies from level to level, and the number of students involved. Level 1 classes can be as large as 6 people. I try to keep the Level 2 class down to 2 or 3 at the most, and the Master Level is taught on a one on one basis.

I offer classes in another method of Reiki called Gendai Reiki. This method has only recently become made available outside of Japan. I am a "Shihan" or master in this method also, and offer classes in this method, but have a prerequsite that the student be at the "master" level of Rhoho Reiki.

Modern Personal Shamanism
Think on these things - The Water said Move; the Plants said Grow; the Rocks said Change; and the Animals said Feel. These few words give the essence of the modern shaman inside each of us.  I no longer teach this as a "class" but rather work with interested people more one on one to help them explore the concepts of persomal shamanism.  What this area of study teaches you is to learn to work with your guardians and guides in our modern world. It gives you the tools to explore worlds beyond the visible while acknowledging that we live in a world where technology is common.

Toltec Wisdom
This "program" is a 6 part course. Each class builds on the knowledge gathered in the prior classes.  Homework is given, though I never check to see if it is being done as this is often very personal in nature.  The foundation for this study includes not only the books by don Miguel Ruiz, but also the "Everything Toltec Wisdom Book" by my mentor Allan Hardman.  This study leads a person to discover who they truly are, rather than who they have been told they are!  The greatest discovery is realizing you have CHOICE and understanding the role of the "judge" and "victim child" within us all - and how together they form the "parasite" that robs us of the joy that is available to us all the time!
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