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A number of Seminars and Workshops are availble for groups ranging from just a few to as many as can be fit in a room! The cost for these workshops varies, because some last only a half day or less while others are full day. There are going to be some that will even be a whole weekend! Below is a brief description of the workshops currently available. If you are interested in participating in any of these, or would like to have one presented to your group or organization, please contact me. Most of these workshops last 3-4 hours. I usually try to have at least 10 people in a workshop.

The teachings of don Miguel Ruiz
As a long time student of the teachings of don Miguel - both through his books and having taken and now being a mentor for don Allan Hardman's Toltec Apprentice Community On-line (TACO) course, I'm very committed to not only sharing these simple but amazing ideas, but also living them everyday myself.  This seminar covers the basic tenants of The Four Agreements then goes into The Mastery of Love, Beyond Fear, looks at your Book of Knowledge; and ends with looking at The Toltec Art of Life and Death.  Yes, these are book titles, but they provide a great foundation for looking at your own life, seeing yourself through clear eyes, and realizing you are love!  This seminar can be done in either half or full day presentations.

Living a Conscious Life:
The Conscious Living Workshop consists of many topics.  This workshop can be done in a large or small group setting. Either way the participants get exposed to a lot of concepts and ideas to help bring the participant into living in the present.  The topics covered include:
  • A self evaluation to help you determine where you are, what you want to change and why you want to change it.
  • Living in the NOW vs. past and future.
  • Dealing with Guilt and Forgiveness. This is more about ourselves than others!
  • Relearning to Love Yourself. Loving ourselves is something that most have forgotten to do!
  • Reclaiming your Personal Power.
  • Letting go of attachment to results. This is one of the greatest freedoms you can have!
  • Looking vs. seeing and hearing vs. listening. There is a difference!
  • Being aware of your "gut" feelings. Developing intuition and exercising our "gut awareness".
  • Develop an Attitude of Gratitude in every aspect of our lives.
  • Seeing beyond the visible. The visible is often our greatest barrier to being aware.
  • Finding your dream, and taking steps to make it happen. (Baby steps work too.)
  • Seeing yourself as you are, not who you have been told you are.
  • Putting what you learn to work every day.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up
This workshop is aimed primarily at those at or nearing retirement age!  Yes, this is a big quesiton at retirement!  Just like when we were children, we had to look at what we wanted to be "when we grow up", at retirement a whole new set of questions face us!  These aren't just questions of how to fill our time, but the answers to these questions can impact not only the quality but even the duration of your life!  This workshop typically is on the short side, usually lasting somewhere between 45 to 90 minutes.  

Being Present In The Moment:
This workshop focuses on being present in the moment in our daily activities. Much of our energies are invested in looking at the past which generates regret, frustration, anger, and even resentment. We also invest a lot of our energy in projecting into the future, which can generate fear, worry and dread. By being aware of where our energy is going, we can bring our attention back to the present. There are a few simple things that can be done to bring our attention back to the NOW of life. This workshop explores these few simple steps.

Loving Yourself and Your Personal Rights:
This is a pair of workshops that can be presented individually or as a "morning and afternoon" session. Each workshop is treated as a separate unit though. We have all been "trained" it seems that to love ourselves and take care of ourselves before we care for the needs of others is somehow wrong. We look into that misconception in the Loving Yourself section. In the process of forgetting it is OK to love ourselves, we have also often given up a large number of our Personal Rights without even realizing it! Reclaiming these rights is a simple and fun way to learn how to love ourselves, and reclaim our individual power!

Coping with Stress and Anxiety:
This workshop focuses on the every day stress factors we face. Some of them are of no significance to some, but can be debilitaing to others! Just because something doesn't bother your friends doesn't mean it shouldn't bother you! There are many stress factors that we encounter every day, some of which can bring on any of a number of outward reactions. Learning to recognize our personal "stress factors" is a big step in dealing with them. It is also empowering to realize you are not the only one that has trouble with something! We will discuss a number of simple tricks that can be used to cope with a stress or panic attack!

Affirmations, Meditation and Power Of Attraction - Do they really work?:
We read and hear about using affirmations, meditation and the "power of attraction" all the time. The question is, do these really work or is it just some "feel good" idea. This workshop looks at what is behind the concept of these activities - and there is a scientific foundation behind them! This is a fun workshop that explores a number of affirmations, plays with what meditation is, and looks at the whole concept of the "power of attraction". By putting these tools to work for us, as an individual or group, can have amazing results - if you make them work for you!

Taming the Budget Beast:
This workshop focuses on one of the biggest problems many households face in our current economic structure. So many times the bills keep coming in after the money has run out. What happened to it? This workshop takes a look at how to put together a simple budget, things that are commonly left out (causing all kinds of problems), and looks at why budgets often fail. A detailed Excel spreadsheet that can help is available to participants of this workshop for a small extra fee.
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