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Please feel free to browse through the pages you will find here.  In my practice as a Well Being Consultant, my goal is to help you learn to enjoy your life by living in joy. I draw from a rich variety of traditions as well as my own experiences. My tools are those that people have known for eons, yet they are still as new as tomorrow! My guiding principle is one of gratitude, tolerance, respect, humility, compassion and patience for myself and for others. I hope to hear from you soon.
How you think - and what you think about - determines your perspective on life! Another way of saying this is that you create your reality! This can affect your health, emotions, spirituality, and even your financial well being! That is why so many times things we fear come true in some form! Of course that also means that things we focus on in a positive way can also happen - we just can't dictate the way in which they will happen!
Though based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I work with people throughout the United States and around the world. The methods I use range from "distance" energy work to a more "in person" approach. The workshops, classes and sessions I offer are designed with one purpose - to help you enjoy life by living in joy. We are all one - so none of us are alone!

Most of the presentations, workshops and classes I offer are in Tulsa and surrounding areas. My general "area" is anywhere within about a 3 hour drive, but if the request is made to go farther away from the NE Oklahoma area, that is also done when possible.

The classes, workshops, etc that I offer mostly focus on Reiki, Meditation, Personal Shamanism, Living a Conscious Life, and the Toltec tradition of don Miguel Ruiz, andd other "metaphysical" topics. That being said, I am also finding that there are many cases where these same principles can be applied to the workplace.
I am humbly honored to have been a part of Allan Hardman's "Toltec Apprentice Community On-line" (TACO) as one of the volunteer mentors. Sadly, Allan has had to close this site, but continues to keep his Joydancer site going strong.  I encourage you to visit it!  He has encouraged me to continue to teach my understanding of The Toltec tradition as presented by don Miguel Ruiz.  The wisdom don Miguel Ruiz has given the world has transformed the lives of many people, myself included. Don Allan studied under Don Miguel for many years and has been sharing this wisdom with people for many years. It is an honor and responsibiilty to help continue these teachings for future generations!
I also hope you will check out my internet radio talk shows at blogtalkradio.com/rldwbc. Programs will be archived there for you to listen to when it is convenient for you. I'll be announcing programs on Facebook and Twitter. I intend to cover a broad range of topics. My Facebook and Twitter contact information is on my Contact Me page.
I am honored to be part of the Faculty at the Church of Holistic Science / Peace of Mind bookstore! I encourage anyone in the area to stop by there and say hello to the wonderful people there.
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